Thin Aspiration.
Giving another go at the extreme diet - tommorrow.

Having another go at trying to stick to my extreme diet tommorrow.

Cant wait, will do an update tommorrow evening.

Want to be skinny.

Angry at myself.

The last few days have been really bad for binging. I keep failing at trying to stick to this extreme diet. Im going to give myself another chance to do it starting tuesday. If i dont stick to it then im going to be really upset i think.

Craving is only a feeling.
Starting tommorrow.

Mixture of nervous and exited for tommorrow the start of my extreme diet. Nervous because i know it will be tough, exited because i will no longer have to feel guily about eating. I hope i manage to achieve my weight goal. will update on my progress tommorrow.

Im jealous.

Im jealous.

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.
Kate moss